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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Skull Designs-Not just for Halloween

Skull Designs-Not just for Halloween

I believe it was last year (2011) I wanted to see what kind of skull designs I could come up with. So I went and purchased several Halloween items came home and started to set up different props and took photo's of them.  Well, they looked okay, but nothing that pulled at any creative strings.  So I decided to go in and manipulate the photo and came up with some designs I really liked.  

Bad2theBone-the introduction photo, is one of my most favorite skull designs which I created this year.  This bad boy is wearing one of my banana's to give him that bad-ass look.  After I photographed him, I took him in and added several different special effects.  

I sell my skull designs both on Amazon and Zazzle.  But did you know that skull designs are not just for Halloween?  Goths, Bikers, and Pirates like skull designs and often have them displayed on their clothing and in their homes.  Yes, they are spooky and creepy looking, but I really like them.  They are unique and something you will not see everyone wearing. Look at "Ghost Rider" I mean how wicked looking is that character?

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