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Thursday, September 20, 2012

2012 Halloween Links-BOO!!!

There are many people who do a lot of hard work promoting their online sites and their artwork. I wanted to create a special Halloween Page highlighting some people that not only works hard in promoting their own designs, but are always helping others to promote their work.  They mention and highlight people on their blogs, mentions on twitter and/or Facebook, they like your pages and so on. 

So this page is for a few artist I know who do these things.  This list will be growing as time goes on; but for this moment let me introduce you to some great artist, photographers and writers.

Lisa Roy On Zazzle

Halloween Kitten mousepadPumpkin patch Kitty Halloween mousepad Autumn fairy mousepad customizeMagic witch close up Mousepad
You can also find Lisa's art on Amazon

Sandy Mertens On Zazzle

Halloween Vintage Lady With Mirror) MousepadsHalloween Vintage Woman and Jack o' Lantern Mouse PadsVintage Halloween Dearest Mouse PadVintage Halloween Lady in Red Mouse Pad

You can also find Sandy's art on Amazon

Marisa Ives-Horn on Zazzle

Vintage Witch and CatLWood Bat Halloween MousepadsLwood Spider Halloween MousepadsLWood Owl Cute Halloween Critter Mousepad

I will be listing more very soon.  Until that time, if you have some Halloween Designs, please send me a sample and I will see if I can add them.   Halloween Holiday!!!


  1. thank you Eva. all of these are beautiful great Halloween items. I love Halloween boo to you, thank you again

  2. Thank you so much for including some of my Halloween products. This is a boo cool post.