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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Halloween 2015

It is so hard to believe that Halloween is almost here... 
I wrote a Halloween Poem that I think you may or may like. You will have to guess the theme I created it from. Are you ready?

Night of Halloween
(c) 2015 Eva Thomas aka WhiteOak

It's Halloween time and all through the woods
little ghost and goblins awakening, just as they should.
Me in my witches hat and papa in his cloak,
have just started setting up the house and noticed the rope.

The little ones are excited and planning their route,
while visions of screams do not make them pout.
Excitement roars in their little heads,
squeaking laughter is made that could awaken the dead. 

Full moon night awaits,
all of the spooky things plan their escapes.
Bats gathering near and far,
polishing their fangs for the blood thirst bar.

As we celebrate this beautiful Halloween Night..
and all of the ghost are gearing up to fright,
remember try not to walk alone,
as the curse goes you could turn to stone.

Blessed Be to all of the witches,
remember to gather your oak switches.
And give honor to those who have passed.
Now fly in the night and make it last..

Fly away, Fly away, beautiful witches
Spread your joy of all good wishes,
Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain
To all the true believers that do not pretend!!

Here is a Video that I created to highlight a few of Halloween Designs.. Enjoy!!

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